4 Tips: Creating Video Content to Boost Customer Engagement‍

August 21, 2019


Creating Video Content to Boost Customer Engagement

In a market that is flush with video content and short viewer attention spans, iterating quickly and with a continuous stream of video creative to test is how marketers will succeed, not only among the competition,but in sourcing the most entertaining and effective videos for viewers.Marketers should keep up with these five latest and most effective trends in video advertising for 2019.

1. Video Stories

With the growth of social media streaming and consumption of video ads by consumers, now is the time to consider to tap into Instagram Stories ads and building them into your marketing strategy. You can create 15-second video ads with Facebook’s Creative Hub, or you can design and edit your own ad. Carousel ads for stories will also allow you to play up to three pieces of content (videos included), all within a single ad.

“Instagram Story Video Ad Examples” – Image Source

2. Video Templates

Many companies are in the social advertising “template”space such as Shakr, Adobe, and even Facebook. So that, advertisers face the challenge of having to sift through hundreds of generic templates to find something compelling for their business. However, you can leverage the competitor’s ads and offer video templates based on styles in your social advertising.

“Instagram Story Editable Video Templates” – Image Source

3. Six-second Video Ads

The six-second videos format has taken off in YouTube,Facebook and Instagram, which offer marketers the chance to capture the attention level of viewers in just six seconds. As the brevity and direct message, mobile audiences are much more open to watching a super quick video before or as an interstitial to content.

“Six-Second Video Ads: 6 Brands Making An Impact With Bumper Ads” – Image Source

4. Transforming Images Into Video Ads

If you want to buy time and create more video content,You can use your still image assets to create simple animations of different elements for your video ads. For instance, you can start with a still and add excitement by animating an aspect of your brand or logo. Or screen-capturing game play and place it inside a phone to show a demonstration of your product.

“ Facebook Video Ad Examples” – Image Source

Don't worry about which video format that you decide to choose or next steps to harnessing, it all begins with good creative and constant testing. We provide expert video production and marketing engagement strategies for your brand and create compelling video ads for your new initiatives, generate creative social media campaigns to drive ROI, leading to increased awareness via multimedia channels.

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