7 Simple Tips To Make A Better Video

March 11, 2020
Video Production


7 Simple Tips To Make A Better Video

To create a better video to impress your audience and increase brand awareness? It’s simple and you just need to pay attention as the following key points.


Tips 1: Create Meaningful Video Concept or Video Story

When you are thinking your video strategy to promote your brands, products, services or campaigns, there are 3 main types of video content you should consider:

1.    Explainer Video

What is your target audience and what is their pain point? What frustrates them? And how can you help them to satisfy their needs and achieve a desired result?

We helped Baleno to create an explainer video that powerfully justifies their product. Our animations showed in detail how they created their existing thermal wear range with extra warm, which emphasize the high results and solve target audience needs in cold weather. It’s video also successfully got more than 270K views and sales in Hong Kong with a range of video marketing strategies.

Takeaway: Combine with the sensory details of video – powerful sounds,visuals and animations – to fully explain and visualize how impressive of your products and show viewers it’s the item you must have.

2. Testimonial Video
Every customers like to see how your product and services really benefit and help them. In testimonial video, you can invite your customer to experience your product or service and let your customer to describe their experiencing with true heart so viewers can feel it.

Tesla created a testimonial video that is moving as same as movie shooting with an organic and nature view. From the angle of Tesla’s customers, views can experience the customer’s daily happiness life with his Tesla, we can also hear the birds chirping and the voice of trees. For viewers, they would feel its authentic and positive how Tesla can bring his life more enjoyable.

Takeaway:  Let your customer experience and show their positive product results, which would make your audiences feel authentic and convincing.

3. Humor Video
Attract your audience’s attention with funny concept and surprising features.



IKEA created a creative and humor video that connect with the recipes for delicious kitchens, its emotional, funny and creative that viewers serves as an impressive reminder deeply.


All these video types are helping your brand to spotlight your personality through the video.

Tips 2: Better Lighting for Your Video


Lighting is a huge important element that make your video be more high quality and professional so audiences would love it.


1.    Use Natural Light

Sun light is the best light, it is a soft and not too harsh. If you are shooting indoors, you can try to use window light. Natural light would make your video look amazing and nicely.

2. Set Up Studio Light

When you film indoors, and the natural light is not enough. You may need to set up some light sources to make your video easier to watch, color grading easier and look more professional.

Tips 3: Proper Music and Clear Audio

1.    Proper Music

Having the proper music and sound effects will 100% instantly make your video more better. For example, you can make some music which should match into your video. If it’s a cheesy song and not match with your video content, your footage will be viewed as cheesy and disconnect.

If you match the visuals to the audio, you can enhance your video with tenfold. One thing to have great music, it’s one thing to edit to the beat. However, when your sound music is the forest, the noises of cars going, the typing, you can use these ambient sound effects on top of the great music and footage, it would make your video all the difference.


2. Clear Audio

It is necessary to capture clear audio by using microphone as closer to the subject as possible.


Tips 4: Use Better Video Editing Software

Better video editing software would definitely turn your raw footage into incredible.More professional suggestions would be Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro.
When you plan to shoot different shots, you can use software to make a transition to mask the subject into the next clip naturally.

Tips 5: Better Motion for Your Video

Motion is shots is much more important.More motion would give you more cinematic results; More motion would make your video look more professional.

Tips 6: Better location / Clean background for Your Video

1. Choose a better location

Choose a better location with a better time of day is important. No matter the location is in the mountains or standing at the outlook over the incredible views, remember to choose the shooting time in the early morning or in the evening to later at night, as the light is usually the softest, the colors are usually nice and you would not have any shadows in your video.

2. Use a Clean Background

It looks unprofessional if your video background is too messy. Lets take time to set up the studio nicely before shooting which would kill the quality feel of your video.

Tips 7: Video Marketing to Promote Your Video

After creating your videos, it would be useless and waste if nobody watch them. You need to promote your video, interact with audience and convert them to be your customers after viewed.

Which of these tips can help you? Do you have any additional thoughts or questions on how to make your videos look great or increase more engagement? Tell us via below contact us button!