Half of Generation Z and Millennials “Don’t know how to live without video”

March 30, 2020
Video Marketing


Half of Generation Z and Millennials“Don’t know how to live without video”

YouTube Users Behavior

After work, most people like to turn on YouTube app on their mobile. Google found in a survey that some people (around 28 percent) watch YouTube is to relax, entertainment and pass the time.However, over 51 percent users like to learn new things on YouTube, such as Programming, Photoshop, Cooking and MakeUp skills, etc. It obviously shows that viewers like to watch the video which they can get the higher value information and knowledge then its production value or celebrity involvement.


Video Consumption Is Especially Important Now

Video consumption is extremely important to Generation Z and millennials, with half of respondents stated that they"don't know how they'd get through life" without video. The research found that younger generations are also likely short video such as webisodes,tutorials and video clips from professionals and amateur creators.


How Frequency People Watching Video on Mobile Apps?

More than 78% of people surveyed worldwide said they had watched YouTube in the previous 24 hours, ahead of YouTube subscription video (45%), Facebook (43%), cable TV (39%), Instagram (33%),satellite TV (28%), network websites (28%) and Snapchat (12%).



Innovative Short Video with Helpful Information

Google's researches suggest that marketers need to create branding content with short video for YouTube and mobile users. The contents should provide helpful and valuable information for target audiences with innovative concepts.


Influencer Marketing and Creative Contents Boost the Video Views

Besides, YouTube users also used to search and watch video with self-studying purposes with their personal interests. Therefore, most social influencers are fast growing for life sharing and satisfy YouTube viewers’ wants. In 2020, most marketers are planning to use their marketing budgets on influencers and YouTube platform. Moreover, creative and unique video contents should also include in your marketing plan.


Marketers Shifted the Video Marketing Budget to Social Media Channels in 2020

Google found that most marketers have significantly changed the spending of the video advertising from TVC to social media platforms including YouTube this year is being disrupted by coronavirus concerns. E-marketer forecasted that Programmatic video ad spending in the U.S.was forecast to rise 20% with $34.9 billion this year from 2019. Besides, the Interactive Advertising Bureau found that the average advertiser participating in last year's New Fronts upfront marketplace for digital video planned to boost spending 25% with $18 million.


YouTube's 2019 revenue rose 36% with$15.1 billion

YouTube is reaching huge among audiences as the video platform becomes a significant source of advertising sales for Alphabet, the umbrella company that oversees Google and YouTube. Last month, Alphabet reported YouTube's 2019 revenue rose 36% with $15.1 billion from a year earlier, outpacing the 15% gain for Google's search ad revenue.Google's total ad revenue including YouTube and its digital ad network increased 17% with $37.9 billion from a year earlier, matching the 17% pace of the prior quarter.