Which Post Types of B2B & B2C You Should Share on Social Media Platforms?

July 10, 2019
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Which Post Types of B2B & B2C You Should Share on Social Media Platforms

There are over billion Pages on Social Media over the world. If yours isn’t one of them, you’re missing opportunities to get your content in front of the audience that matters most to your business. But how can you utilize the content sitting right in front of you -  - like your company website, blog, third party articles and more...

Various posts clearly have different purposes. If your goal is lead generation your update may link to a landing page for a gated eBook or some free services. If your goal is brand awareness your post might link to your company website or perhaps you’ll share a blog post announcing a new product or feature enhancement. If it’s a thought leadership play you post might link to your event registration for a seminar sharing of industry insight sharing or new trend. 

In a digital world where  there are too much content and not enough effective content. So we are here to help inspire you to publish more effective posts on your Social Media Page and grow your following, especially when reaching at B2B and B2C target audience. 

You should share: 

1. Video, Video, Video

The fact is Video is 5x more likely than other types of content to start a conversation among members. Social video gets shared 1200% more than text and images combined.(Wordstream) Here are two (of many) ways our team has incorporated video into our client's content strategy.

Short Video Series

1 Minute of a series of videos aimed at providing actionable advice to marketers. For example, SK-II’s Bare Skin Chat latest series videos, Naomi Watanabe (a Japanese comedian) turn up in the bathrooms of actresses Kasumi Arimura and Chloe Grace Moretz to get tips on their most coveted beauty secrets. It notched up nearly eight million views within five days of its global launch, not only increases credibility but likely increase reach as young consumers share it with their networks.

Video Case Studies

By showing a real case study with 30 second video, it's better your target audience to learn more about your company services, as well as making trustworthiness. Short, sweet and engaging.

2. Best Uses of Static Image

Images Featuring Statistics

People love stats and sharing things that make them appear more knowledgeable. We take 'stand out' stats from case studies and external research/surveys and showcase them with social tiles as part of larger campaigns.

Product Launches and Feature Enhancements

Keep your audience up to date on the latest and greatest of your products or services. Then take the next step and share best practices on how to use them.

3. Personalize Your Company

Celebrating Company Milestones

Give an inside look at your company’s mission and vision. You can simply promote your corporate video on your Social Media Post to celebrate company wins and show gratitude to followers and customers for helping you develop brand image.

Highlighting Company Key Person

People buy from people, not companies. Humanize your brand and give your audience the opportunity to take a peek inside your company culture while simultaneously highlighting your best employees as thought leaders. For instance, you can organize a livestream show to let your audience/ clients know how your staffs work. 

4. Driving Conversion

Drive Registration for Company Events 

Share the seminar/event which is hosted or sponsored by your company. It might consistently drive high registration numbers because of your speakers or special topic that the audience would like to know more. Maybe you can also Live with Marketers episodes.

Promote eBooks

When we launch an eBook/ whitepaper, we typically create 4-5 images and videos featuring the eBook cover, stats, quotes and tips taken from the content to extend the campaign shelf-life.

Whether you are preparing to create your first Page or simply seeking ways to optimize and improve, this article is your one-stop-shop Playbook resource. Enjoy!

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